2 Jan 2010, 4:08pm


Bhai Taru Singh Animated Movie

Vismad Producations the creators of the animated movies :- Shaibzadey , Rise of the Khalsa & Sundri, now are launching there new animated movie “Bhai Taru Singh”:-

The story of Bhai Taru Singh is one of a true Saint Soldier who lived during an extremely difficult period for the Sikhs. The Mughal rulers of the time were brutal towards all the citizens, and especially the Sikhs. Bhai Taru Singh Ji bravely stood up to the regime which earned him the respect of all Hindus and Muslims from the surrounding villages.

Being a Khalsa, Bhai Sahib risked his life to save a poor Muslim girl from the clutches of an evil Mughal official of the area, for which Bhai Sahib was arrested by the Governor of Lahore .


Movie is a highly captivating emotional drama bejeweled with some exceptional music including:

· Soulful Shabad Kirtan by Bhai Satwinder Singh Raagi (Delhi )
· Inspirational Vaar by Tiger Style (UK)
· Soulful songs by Jaspinder Narula

Reactions by Pinderpal Singh


Bhai Pinderpal Singh ji watched the movie at a special screening organized for him at Riverside on 18-Nov-09. He was in tears while watching the movie as according him Bhai Taru Singh ji is his very dear subject. His katha of Bhai Taru Singh ji is very heart rending and full of emotions and is also one of the resource for this movie.

Bhai Pinderpal Singh Ji appreciated the movie a lot and mentioned about it in his Katha at Buena Park Gurudwara Sahib the same evening. this clip is part of the katha where he mentioned Bhai Taru Singh Movie and exhorted every parent in the sangat to must go and watch it with their kids.