7 Apr 2010, 9:01pm
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SikhGiving’s experience with Christian missionaries in Punjab

If we do not look out for our fellow Sikh brothers and sisters, the following stories (often told by my parents) will become more and more common.

SikhGiving, a small sikh charitable organization was helping a Sikh Patient Jaswinder Singh and his family to cope with their medical costs of approx. $500 a month. “At first we didn’t take up the case as we could not afford to support the case for a long period of 3 years”, said Vicky Singh, a volunteer of the California based non profit organization.

The family went to the point where Jaswinder’s dad, Sohan Singh had to sell his cycle in order to cover a day’s medicine cost. Somehow this news spread out in the public that a Sikh Organization is helping Sohan Singh’s family. After that, their local Christian group came with an offer to Sohan Singh’s family that they can cover his child’s entire medical expenses for 2 to 3 years. They were asked to visit the church to receive the money. Sohan Singh went to the Church feeling that he will be given the money as goodwill by the church.

When he went inside, he was taken by the church officials to attend a special ceremony which was to adopt Christianity as his religion. Sohan Singh and his family are from deeply religious Sikh background. He was given instructions by them that if they want to get the financial support then he has to follow the ceremony which indirectly was to leave Sikhism and adopt their religion. Sohan Singh left the church immediately after he found that in their instructions he was told to eat Parshad (religious offering) of Christ (which was meat).

With the generous help of many donors, we are glad that we took up the case of Jaswinder Singh for the next 3 years, providing them financial, physical and emotional help.

“I never thought that this would be happening to someone in Punjab who is in need of help. Instead of helping a needy person, they are making him to do something which he and his family doesn’t want to do. It was a direct hit at us showing that Sikhs in Punjab can’t help each other and others are lending hand to help them but with strings attached”, said Satnam Singh, the director of SikhGiving.

10 Apr 2010, 9:24pm
by bhupinder singh

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh first of all thanx for your efforts since i am not able to contribute much but while living in delhi i feel obliged if can do anything.


8 Jun 2010, 6:57pm
by Girish Kumar Juneja

The role of christian missionaries has always been dubious. Their ultimate goal is to convert masses to christianity by dangling the carrot of financial help or education. Its a total business and the offer depends on the status/need of the recipient. For example, in poor tribal belt, they are able to convert tribal population by giving them just rice. It is most unfortunate that this is happening in the lands of the Great Gurus who never resorted to spread of sikhism by such means and in fact laid down the Sikhi yardsticks and parameters so high that a person thinks hundred times before embracing sikhism. After it was Sikhi which was more dear to the Dashmesh Pitah and than the Sikh. Bhulchuk di Khima. Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh.

10 Jun 2010, 5:43pm
by Girish Kumar Juneja

the last in my above comments should read as under:

After all, it was Sikhi which was more dear to the Dashmesh Pitah than the Sikhs.

This is a common phenomenon of Christian Orthodox People. They want to attract by offering financial help to the needy and poor people of other religions towards charistianity. I have been in contact with a few charistians who are not orthodox.One of them married a sikh man about 40 years ago, but the man remained in his Sikhi Saroop.

There is a little true story happened in my life on on 22nd December, 2009 at Gympie North, Australia.

One day, I was working in a rural area’s shopping center (in Australia), I gentleman met me. Recognising from my turban that I’m sikh, he commented on me,”there is only Jesus who can lead you to God.” To answer his question I said,”Mate, if you believe that your Lord will lead you to the GOD, We have our Gurus’ guidelines to be unite with the Almighty, and they Shall give us a lift to the GOD.” and the person was speechless.

Thanks Bros..WJKK WJKF

29 Aug 2010, 5:15am
by Gurmeet singh

all we can talk about Sikhs beaning converted to other faiths? it is easy for us all to leave our massages on net all Sikhs in North America and in Europe have they opened a university as christens have and offer soler ships to fellow Sikhs? I follow Sikhism but sad to read about Sikhs. what our leader are doing in Punjab churches mosques are building up in Punjab after 1947 partition the migration of these people is vote bank. Sikhs must stand up for your rights and stop blaming others they have a vision to wipe out the opposition. See Balthackray the Marathi leader his words bitter but uniting Marathi and no one makes jokes of them.


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