22 May 2013, 11:58pm


Sikh Sangeet version 2.0 for Android

We’ve had a huge amount of requests to do the Android app again since it had stopped working on the newer Android versions. Although the app still contains bug, we have kind of rushed it to production, so that people have something to use. We will try to fix the application as time goes on. Everybody should contribute bug reports about what does not work.


  1. Fix crashes
  2. Dedicated player
  3. Background Music
  4. New UI
  5. Playlists
13 Jul 2013, 8:03am
by Ravinder singh

This site fulfil all requirement of the sikhi desires . so i like this site and thanks to you.

29 Jul 2013, 9:55am
by lovejinder singh

kindly mail me app

26 Oct 2013, 9:43pm
by Gurpreet Virdi

Satnan WaheGuru Ji

Pls i need andriod app.thanks

bahut sundar uprala a g

31 Jan 2014, 4:24am
by Prabhjot Singh

Kindly acknowledge the link to download this in Google Play Store (Android).

Reply Awaited………

25 Feb 2014, 6:26am
by Manjit singh

Please send me app thanks

12 Mar 2014, 8:44pm
by ashish singh

Dear team,

Kindly mail me the app.

29 Jun 2014, 3:11am

Dear brother
Please send above said apps for my android mobile.

2 Oct 2014, 2:05pm
by jasmeetsingh

join me

6 Nov 2014, 8:52pm
by jaspreet singh khalsa

I like this app

25 Jan 2015, 11:51am
by sukhraj singh

I like this app

24 Feb 2015, 3:48am
by surendra Kukreja

Best app

19 Mar 2015, 11:03pm
by harmanpreet singh

Please mail me app


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