6 Sep 2010, 6:52pm


Sikh Sangeet version 1.2 for iPhone

We’ve just submitted a newer version of the Sikh Sangeet app with the following listed changes. We hope that the users support us in their endeavor.

– Fixed idle bug (the audio dies when screen goes blank) (reported by Rani)
– Track plays in the background while user can browse the artist/albums/tracks (requested by Robin)
– In-place searching artists, albums, tracks
– Refresh each screen in case it fails loading
– New tab icons
– iAds to support free development

Thank you.

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Have d/l the app, good luck to you and I enjoy your website everyday

i have iphone 3gs 16g and i have newer version of sikhsangeet app 1.2 but i still have the problem with audio turns off with the screen. it wont play on background as well.

3 Jan 2012, 9:02am
by Deepak Ahuja

First of all, thanks for this lovely application. Please do some improvements like 1) if it can work on backgroud to save battery, 2) Also do update for IOS 5 to minor bugs like when a notification comes, play stops, etc. 3) Allow a favourite section on application. thanks

22 Jun 2012, 6:28am
by Prabhjot Kaur

Sat Shri Akal,

I have iphone 4 and version 1.2 installed but the application doesnt play in background and also stops when screen goes of.
Please advise what should I do to run the application in background?


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