Sikh Sangeet Web updated

The Sikh Sangeet website was long overdue for an update. The worst offender was the outdated media player.

Waheguru blessed me with some inspiration to do something about it. I started out upgrading the player and ended up with the following successful changes.

  1. Upgrade Player to latest supporting HTML5 with Flash fallback. Advantages:
    1. Mobile support: The Player should work on mobile devices as well as desktop.
    2. Seek support: You should be able to skip within the song without needing to load it fully first.
  2. Switch from PrototypeJS to jQuery. When we developed the site, the choice of a javascript framework was not as clearcut as it is today. A huge hindrance to all of it was the outdated and near-dead PrototypeJS library. We have now switched to the industry standard in jQuery.
  3. Minor code cleanup. There is still a huge amount of work left bringing Sikh Sangeet into modern tools and techniques.

With big changes, come big problems. Please report any problems in comments below.

PS: If you would like to help in any way with Sikh Sangeet, let us know.