5 Dec 2009, 12:22pm


Wallpapers by Jasmeet Singh Bansal, a Sikh Sangeet Volunteer

A volunteer at Sikh Sangeet, Jasmeet Singh Bansal, has made 4 wallpapers for the Sikh Sangeet Sangat. They are featured in the Sikh Sangeet Gallery > Official Art > Wallpapers.

We hope that other artists and volunteers help Sikh Sangeet and support it by producing quality content.

11 Nov 2009, 6:23pm


Integrated with SikhiToTheMax to provide Shabad lyrics

As you all know, Sikh Sangeet is pulling in Shabads from SikhitotheMax database so that we can show shabads on Sikh Sangeet website, as people are listening. However, we need your help in connecting audio shabads to their text.

Here is an example album where track 02, 03, 04, 05 are all readable. You just click on “Shabad” tab and press “Read Shabad”. Link: Various – Bollywood Gurbani Tracks (Sikh Sangeet Compilation)

So if you want to volunteer by linking the shabads, here are the steps:
1. Login to Sikh sangeet account. (Sign up if you have not)
2. Go to the shabad/album that you want to add the Shabad for.
3. Play the shabad if you need to.
4. Find that shabad in SikhiTotheMax
5. When you search, remember to click the “Shabad” button in the search results.
6. Now look in the address bar, the link will be something like this: http://sikhitothemax.com/page.asp?ShabadID=20555 (note this last number)
7. In Sikh Sangeet, click the “Shabad” tab right below the track you just listened to.
8. Put the Shabad ID in that input box, and click the button “Add Shabad”.

Once you have done this, I will make sure the info is correct and all sangat will be able to read the Shabad lyrics.

Remember your little seva will do a lot for the thousands that use this website.

Sikh Sangeet Update Nov 2, 2009

To celebrate Guru Nanak Dev ji’s birthday, we’re putting out the next release of Sikh Sangeet. In this release, we’ve bridged 3 of our sites: forum, gallery, and SikhSangeet.com. So this means that when you sign up/in at SikhSangeet.com, you will automatically signed up/in at the forum and gallery, with the same login username/password.

This will help create a simpler Sikh Sangeet interface and we hope you enjoy the effort that we’ve put to make this seemingly-simple integration possible.

10 Oct 2009, 11:46am

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