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Karma & Guru

Dear Reader,
What is written below are thoughts of a logical, egoistic, selfish and stupid mind. Please excuse if there’s something wrong and unwanted.

Everything we get in our life is as per our past Karma. Whether we like
it or not, accept it or not this is the truth.

Only thing thats in our hands is our response. We can crib, cry, feel
lonely, pity, angry, bad or whatever … its upto us. It will not change fruits
of our karmas.

It may however worsen the effect.

There are threevways to come out of the effect of our karmas

1- Hukam Rajai chalna Nanak Likhya naal. By simply accepting the fruit
as sweet and enjoying. Once we accept this we will feel peace. If Karma
philosophy is true for me, then so it is ….for others. We will stop feeling
pity for ourselves or blaming others and criticizing others

2- By HIS Grace. Again that’s beyond our comprehension. That can happen
as and when He wishes. If He doesnot ever.. its upto Him

3- We follow the Guru and as a result become aware of the entire
Creation (and much more). In such a case, karmas simply lose their relevance.
Those who reached this stage accepted being cut into pieces or being bricked in
a wall without even uttering a word.

Sri Guru Granth sahib ji is the complete Guru. Once you completely and truthfully
surrender urself and agree to follow what Guru is telling you, things will
change and you will be guided. You will be simply amazed…..

Only thing is that the results will be directly proportional to your truthfulness in following the teachings.

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Gurbani & Prayer

A verse from SGGS can have different meaning for different people. We live, feel good, contented by mere recital of bani. That is at our worldly level, of five senses. Nothing wrong in that…. If by any chance or His Grace we go beyond this…. and ponder on the meaning of Gurbani… it will be really great. It will be beginning of a great journey in our life.. A learned (& shall i say awakened) soul once told me that God lives in the spaces between the words in SGGS. We go so fast that we often miss HIM and hardly pause for HIM.

‘Satgur nu sab ko vekhda jeta jagat sansar, diththe mukt na hovei jicher shabad na kare vichar’ (the entire world looks towards the true guru, One is not liberated by merely looking towards the guru, but by contemplating on Guru’s Word)

There are hundreds of such metaphors, examples and comparisons just to jolt our logical mind. That is the only purpose of such examples…. to make us understand the true meaning of Gurbani.. for Bani has come from Dhur (dhur ki bani ayee) and is based on totally different plane. We have to raise ourselves to that level to understand the true meanings/treasures hidden in Gurbani.

If we donot do so, our life will be sheer waste…..and if that happens, nothing can be more tragic.

To raise ourselves to that level is the tougher than anything ..given the worldly attachments and attractions (varied roops of maya). They r so beautiful and so real…. its difficult to break them.

Gurbani gives us the gur (formula) to break out of them ie if we follow what our Guru is telling us rather than merely repeating the verses. Guruji doesnot want us to be a scholar/pundit of SGGS. We should try to focus on the what is being said and try to follow it in our life. ( Do u think a father will be more pleased with his son who obeys and follows his instructions than the one who keeps repeating his instructions and never follows them).

If we cannot do this too….. then

We should daily pray to GOD that pleasssssssse bless us so that we can understand the true meaning of Gurbani – the intent with which All Gurus wrote it, the meaning which our Gurus wanted us to understand and live our lives accordingly.

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I am in bliss.. thanks to Guru and God.
Not that all my desires have been met… This is HIS grace.. for when he wants to bless someone with bliss and ecstacy he can do so any time in any situation.
We cannot understand this with our logical mind, Only when we are in such a situation ourselves can we understand what i am trying to say.Its like goonge ki mithiayee.
All my desires and grievances are still there,but they have been pushed to some remote corner of my mind and i have been taken over by a blissful state. Jan nanak mushk chakoleya as if i have been sprayed with a scent of peace, bliss and calmness.
Suddenly Gurbani has come true. The state and feelings conveyed by Gurbani are becming somewhat clear to me.
I donot understand so many things but then whats the need to…..

I fail to understand what good have i done to be blessed like this. I cannot recall any… yes i have done millions of wrongs … and still GOD has blessed me wth this. I dnot know whom to thank and how to thank. If He can do this to a 3rd class person like me,… then HE is truely marvellous

I know soon i will be lost in worldly things…taken over by jealousy, nindia, hatred, attachment, expectations, desires and all the filth. How much do I wish that this state lasts for ever in my life…. Any ways i am enjoying till it lasts with hope that it will come back soon…..

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Hello world!

Welcome to Start blogging!

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