..Bliss Continues….

Imagine a situation,
Where Most of your wishes have not been met yet….
Where time is just passing by……..
Where with passing time u r becoming impatient…
Where ur selfishness, jealousy and hatred has not ended…..
Where your worldly entanglements have grown only……
Where u are tired of trying to improve here & there & everywhere……

And then… suddenly …. it strikes you….a transparent yet white blanket … a thin layer has descended from sky and engulfed u…..U r in Bliss…..and then you realise the power of GOD…..
Each and every word of Gurbani starts becoming meaningful …
and you start singing
‘mere hirdae sudh budh visar gayi mann asa chint visarya’
‘Gur Sundar mohan paye kare har prem bani mann mareia’

WOW! what a feeling…. what an experience…..U wonder if the trailor is so good, what the movie would be… and U long to see the movie…. and start praying for that…..

And then you wonder ….(yet again)…. why you …..? U go back to your past and try to figure out if you have done any good ever… and you donot find anything……Rather u look at all the bad things u have done in ur life. why you….. and this question remains unanswered ….beyond ur logic.

And then it dawns upon you –
That the lord is Too vast and big for our small mind to understand…. He is simply beyond our comprehension. Perhaps.. He doesnot want us to know him in totality. So u let HIM BE. and U donot want to know why how when…. etc. There is no need. Its futile….
‘Vel na payia panditi je hove lekh puran vakht na payio kadia je likhan lekh kuran’

And then …. you r filled with ecstacy and Gratitude. U start thinking about His Creation … how wonderfully he has created everything….everything is so perfect…. U think of paying back…. and then u laugh at ur foolish thought… for you know that if He is the giver, then the reciever too is HIM. How can one pay back to himself? U realise how subtly he exists in everything. And how beautifully MAya hides him from us. He is there in front of us and yet we cannot see him. And then u find urself reciting
‘Jal thal mahiyal Guptu vartai, Gur shabdi dekh Nihari jeeo’

And then u know that how Ur Guru(shabad guru) has blessed you…with this wisdom… U recollect how u were guided to the Company of Sangat, and Shabad Kirtan… how u starting comptemplating on Gurbani…. and u know that u would never have made such a decision…on ur own….

And then u feel like sharing this with others…. so u start writing…. And suddenly u realise that U may be thinking too much of urself ( half empty vessel makes lot of noise ) …. and ur ego may be going very high…. So u ask for forgiveness from the reader, and the Guru and hence the LORD for having said, thought or written anything wrong or twisted or out of ego…..

And then u wish to end this note…again with a prayer that this state of BLISS Continues…. forever…. and may others taste it too….


  1. Sikh Sangeet Said,

    June 24, 2008 @ 3:04 pm

    Your post brings a smile to my face!

    I too certainly worry at times if I had said too much, too little, or something “out of ego” when I try to explain Sikhi, itihaas or gurbani. I know to myself that I know very little, yet when people ask questions, they want answers. And if I don’t give them, I know they won’t ask anybody else those questions (most likely they’ll forget them or be afraid that they’ll seem foolish). So I feel it an obligation to research the answer (so that my own understandings are not too corrupted or totally wrong).

    I guess this is where our ardaas comes in…

    Bhul chuk maaf…

  2. JustME Said,

    July 11, 2008 @ 1:59 am

    Waheguru Pahji,

    such beautiful thoughts, such an amazing journey….i feel like i have just have a glimspe of ur soul………i simply have no words for that…….

    Keep walking towards waheguru………..aiseh gur ko bal bal jaaeeh, app mukhat mohe taareh…….


  3. :) Said,

    October 2, 2008 @ 3:48 am

    May there be more souls to experience this truth! You all are doing a wise job. I send the universal love on its way to touch all such beautiful souls.

    Stay blessed

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